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Thread: NA Twitch Stream Schedule October 2015

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    NA Twitch Stream Schedule October 2015

    Hello Everyone!

    NA, I have (not purposely) neglected you, but I'm going to make it up to you tomorrow! Check out the Twitch Stream schedule below so you know what to expect for the month of October 2015.

    Twitch Schedule
    2/10 NA PK GM for Title [Eng.] 11:00 (PDT) [PRIZE GIVEAWAY]
    09/10 EU Jupiter PK GM for Title [Eng.] 13:00 [PRIZE GIVEAWAY]
    16/10 BR PK GM for Title [Port.] 15:00 (PDT) [PRIZE GIVEAWAY]
    23/10 NA TBD [Eng.] 13:00:00 (PDT) [PRIZE GIVEAWAY]

    Title for 3 Players who Kill a GM
    Knocked a GM Down (60 Days)

    FYI, you may join any of the streams listed above and still have a shot to win!

    29/10 NA Stream [Eng.] 12:00 (PDT)[PRIZE GIVEAWAY]
    29/10 BR Venus PK GM Event [Port.] 14:00 (PDT) [PRIZE GIVEAWAY]
    30/10 EU Red Moon PK GM for Title [Eng.] 12:00 (PDT) [PRIZE GIVEAWAY]

    Yours Truly,
    [GM] Lluvia
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