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Thread: sellin FB and a WI

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    sellin FB and a WI

    Selling lvl 191 FB, Hr 19(22%), runes maxed, Arionel, Both rings, female, hair/face prem. Comes with Shadow Helm 28%crit dmg/8% s.Amp +11, good drosnins. None c/o yet.

    MAIL in game Ziqo

    Selling lvl 191 Wiz; Hr 17(40%), runes complete, Arionel, Basic Craft 4600+, Face/hair prem, both rings, male.
    Comes with Sigmetal Orb 40% +15, 12% crit dmg Orphidia, good drosnin and siena's bracelets, 9%all skill amp up drei frame suit +7. C/o 3,5b + xfer

    MAIL in game Stickz

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    Wi is sold

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