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Thread: Scroll Exchange?

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    Scroll Exchange?

    How about adding options for scroll exchange on an already existing npc?
    Some scrolls are very common, like Armor Option Scroll (High) Crit Damage ones..
    Maybe add the options to exchange for a better scroll with Core Alchemist in BI, or any other existing npc that's a Core Alchemist.
    An example would be to exchange like 100 armor crit dmg, / 100 crit dmg weapon or something else, and various other scrolls, for maybe an hp steal for highest, which in my opinion is hard to get.
    Maybe even the possibility to exchange for a crit rate scroll, or max crit rate.
    Or just have the possibility to exchange between Weapon (High) Crit dmg to Armor (High) Crit dmg in a 1:1 ratio. If you dont happen to have the scroll you need(Armor), but have the other counterpart of it (weapon), if you end up needing for armor, you can always exchange it.

    Is this possible?

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    Shadow Titanium ToasterStrudel's Avatar
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    not something i think gms would consider bringing up to the devs.
    getting the scrolls you mentioned above really aren't hard, just spam high level dungeon that drops forcium slots and up, break them and use your DP on highest cube scrolls

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    I'm aware it's not hard to get them. I have a bunch, but having the possibility of being able to exchange a bunch of decent scrolls for one worth a lot sounds nice.
    Like a crit rate scroll being exchanged by some other x100 of maybe 3 types of common / kind of uncommon scrolls.
    I'm not sure what would be necessary to do to maintain balance in-game(in a sense of which scrolls can be exchanged to which), but it's still something that just occurred to me..
    and I think it sounded interesting

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    Shadow Titanium ToasterStrudel's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    don't get me wrong, this suggestion isn't bad. in my honest opinion though, i think its unnecessary because as you pointed out, its difficult to pinpoint what scrolls would be equivalent to that of a crit rate scroll. however, if you mean like increasing the grade of a scroll like how the current blended rune system works then it may work depending on what the required materials are.

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    The point you made about exchanging into a higher grade scroll I didn't think about. That's a nice suggestion.
    That seems a lot more possible, as the point you made about the equivalence / exchange rate would be a headache.

    Suggest that to be done. It'd be nice being able to do that.

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    Shadow Titanium
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    you should look at the disc dice upgrade crafting

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    Talking about scrolls here though..

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    Shadow Titanium ToasterStrudel's Avatar
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    i think he meant to reference it if we're suggesting scroll upgrading. but again, i think its unnecessary and wouldn't be used much as opposed to discs cubes

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