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Thread: Ca ?

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    Ca ?

    I've been trying to solo CA4 on my 139 FB but i can't seem to be able to do it.
    Is FA better to solo and lure boss?
    My gear on my alt is +15 redosm 36cd craftsman blade .. 27cd topaz xtal and some TG/Sig pieces +3~+6 cause i never bothered to +..
    Is that not enough?
    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, if someone can give me a link to a guide that'd be great!
    Thanks =D

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    Either upgrade your armor or find a friend to go with.

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    I'll + my equips up to around +9 if it'll help, however, is a lvl139 FB for CA4 really good enough with those kinds of equips?
    If it is, I'm not sure what im doing wrong while doing CA.

    Also, does anyone know how I can possibly change the look of mobs so they can become tiny and luring out the boss becomes easier? Or is this not possible anymore?
    Thank you for the replies! =)

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    *Removed by GM* Troll on the loose

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