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Thread: So... leveling?

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    Question So... leveling?

    I'm a returning player from Cabal, i left (ithink) in Rising Force, at 180, i believe Arcane Trace was recently implemented. So... upon returning i see the level cap is now 200. One thing that discourage me much (And a reason for quitting) was the PAINFUL GRINDING in Arcane Trace (Previously, Porta Inferno) for not even half bar. Now, i also see that that questline goes up till 199 now? Is it right? Does this quests give you enough exp for leveling without problem? (Other than hunting for quest items, i dont mind that).


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    Leveling is still a pain in the back but it's definitely a lot easier than it was before.

    Main quests, if you plan on hitting 200 I would save till 198 or 199, up to you.

    If you plan on hitting lvl 200 I would highly suggest waiting for an exp event. Most of the time they give you rewards for leveling and on top of the rewards it's much easier to level with the 200% + bonuses they usually give.

    There are people who power level for about 300-400m an oath. From 180-190 that is fairly easy. 190 + is where it gets a bit more expensive.

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    So should i train in Arcane Trace till 190 (In a event time) and then move to Senillinea? Or there is some new dungeon place where i can level? (Like the traps in IC2, its that a thing now?) I read things about the Eternal Chaos Arena? In what map a player will use the oath?


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