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Thread: Battle Style Change Kit Guide

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    Battle Style Change Kit Guide

    Hello, Warriors!

    The Battle Style Change Kit has arrived to the Item Shop! To ease your anxieties during this transition (if you choose to make a change) we’ve prepared a guide to answer the most frequently asked questions below!

    Let’s get started!

    Where to Find the Item
    Whether through our website or in-game, visit our Item Shop > Premium Service to locate the Battle Style Change Kit! Full item details can be found here!

    I’ve been waiting for you all my life

    Purchasing Conditions
    - The item binds to your account, meaning you can receive it in one character and move it to another one should you change your mind about which character you want to change.
    - You MUST be at least level 100 to purchase (Note: If you can’t use it, don’t buy it. You can use that in CABAL and in real life!)

    What happens when you use the item

    You will be able to choose one of the battle styles, and we’ll preview the Battle Modes for that class along with the changes that would occur in Essence and Blended Runes.

    You. Will. Need. New. Equipment.

    We will provide you with a Potion of Luck (70m Alz) to assist in re-adjusting your skill points, along with new Skill Books through in-game mail!

    Your character’s stats will reset (STR / INT / DEX), so you’ll have to redistribute those to meet your new battle style needs! Your level, Honor Rank, and AP/DP will remain the same!

    The Magic
    Selecting “Yes” causes the battle style change to take place!

    Here’s What Those Mails Will Look Like!

    Items will disappear within a day, so use your items fast!

    What happens to my Alz, Force Gems, eCoins, and...all my other stuff?
    Your currencies will not be affected, and you’ll keep your equipped items. Your warehouse, regular inventory, and bike inventory will not be affected. Same goes for your cash inventory.

    Important Notes!
    Once you decide to change your battle style, our staff CANNOT revert any characters back to their original class (be sure this change is what you truly want!)

    More questions?
    Join the thread and we can add your questions and our answers to the post!

    GM Luna has blessed us with a video showing us how it’s done! Check it out!

    You now have the power to change your battle style, so choose wisely!

    The CABAL Team
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