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Thread: mFB / hybrid FB 2017 topic - a question of alz or smart build ?

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    mFB / hybrid FB 2017 topic - a question of alz or smart build ?

    EDIT: June 2nd 2017: Sorry guys I quit. I want to get back at playing music as a hobby. Take care all. My account will be in someone's hand, to scavenge and sell what hasn't been poofed ;P

    This simple guide is to help you build an hybrid Force Blader.

    The hybrid functionality.
    Depending on the player's strength, some mini bosses or bosses in the game doesn't require a Battle Mode (1 SP bar). This is why an FB will usually debuff and then combo the mob. We will use a Sword skills combo rotation. The question is: "I really have to wait until the end of my combo to debuff?" By swapping a little amount of gear, it is possible to go in a Magic casting stance where Magic Cannons and some Lances will out-dps a Sword skills combo. Why ? 1. constant debuff 2. rate of attack 3. Critical Damage based class

    The perks.
    1. Better survival. Being ranged and having a consistent debuffing rotation on mob will allow you not only to hit harder.
    With ->
    Lower Defense (-46 Def),
    Enervation (Lv -12, Dmg Reduce -200),
    Blind (Atk Rate -500, Acc. -250)
    and Hard Luck (RCR -10%, RCD-20%)
    -> You will gain an extra survival ability by Absorbing HP with Leech Life gear. Attacking faster and harder will help you obtain your Limit Per Hit on almost every magic skills excepting Yellow Non-Crit hits (depends on M.Atk base and the mob's strength.)

    2. Ability to combo debuff.
    On youtube, you can easily become familiar on how to combo debuff. Just look it up.. Get Leatrix Latency fix 1st. HOW TO: Call a short range skill like Force Slash and quickly right after that (during the animation where your toon is walking) activate the debuff. Right after activating the debuff, the colored line in the combo bar will go crazy. You'll have to use the combo skill in time (between the 2 white bars) in order to continue your combo.

    3. Save SP in an efficient way. You'll enjoy AOS1/IC1 easy breezy solos by killing some bosses in Magic combo. You will be able to take down bigger baddies in combo if you're in a party. Your allies will appreciate the consistent debuffs.

    The sacrifice.
    PvP will be hard at 1st, but will eventually become fun with some practice. Yes, you will do your 1v1s in Magic stance. Against an FS with a huge amount of Defense or someone in full +15 you will have to go with Sword skills though. You won't get the kill too but hey, who cares.

    In the build I will suggest, there's a little loss of Defense (-64) and Atk Rate -300 (not using 2x BoF+7) The good news are that you don't need Atk Rate when you combo because mobs can't BLOCK ;D



    NOTE: any distribution is good, considering Redo/SIG weapons have more CD to compensate for low M.Atk base. If your Redo/SIG weapons are +15 and Extreme 1 or 2, you can consider them as the Forcy/Archri Weapons category.
    If your Forcy/Archri weapons are +9 and below like me, 1st try the Redo/SIG Weapons category. Make the move up only when you feel ready.


    *** It all starts with a Passive Skill decision ***

    Instead of getting small Defensive skill we get Force Control Magic Attack +64
    An instead of getting Mana Points we get high Magic Attack skill.
    All the rest is the usual stuff that makes sense.

    *** THE GEAR ***

    0. Get 1 Outrageous SIG/Forcy/Archri pair of Boots or Suit that has 7% Magic skill amp in slot (200-500m)

    1. I recommend Orb + Katana here. -> More M.Atk and More Atk Rate.

    2. Genderless Bracelets -> Prideus Bracelets or Siena Bracelets. TIP: Try to mix and match between CD, Base, and Amp stats. Reason to go genderqueer bracelets is to prevent swapping between Sword and Magic bracelets. We want to avoid that micro management at all cost. (MCR +2 btw)

    3. Amulet of Pain +3 / Amulet of Pain +6 or 7 (Make that crit happen, MCR is love, MCR is life)

    4. Have all the time one Ring Of Sage +10 on you if you can afford it.
    M.Atk +19 / Atk Rate +90 / Defense +31 / CD +10%
    It's a must. I don't care about the 5 CD loss. We don't want to micro manage Rings either.
    We compensate for the Passive Skill decision and Bracelets. Therefore, we take back some Defense and Atk Rate.

    *** THE GEAR ... SWAPPING XD ***

    Mandatory for Hybrid FB: Epaulet of Sage +8 and above
    Mandatory for Hybrid FB: Minesta's Belt Of Sage +7 and above (Optional if you have Minesta's Belt Of Fighter +11 and above.)
    Optional but strongly recommended: Costume with M.Atk +60 OR mixed with CD/Rate/Pen/M.Amp

    Important: To go into Magic stance, you'll simply have to swap your equipment with these.

    *** THE RUNES ***
    Get the usual.
    This time around, make some place for Magic Attack Rune.
    Don't level it too quick, just keep it level 2 to 5 for now as if it was a Pet Magic Attack perk or Title Perk
    Whenever you're 190+ you can start leveling it for real.
    Get Magic Skill Amp Rune.
    No rush here, you'll focus on Sword Skill Amp 1st to help out on your ECA grinds in BM3.
    This rune can wait for when you're 191+
    *NOTE* I would strongly recommend you get 2% HP Absorb in gloves. No need for a Rune here.

    *** THE PET ***
    Generic Pet will do, anything is good.
    CD preferably, Base Attack, Atk / Def rate, Critical Rate, HP Absorb, HP Limit, etc.

    *** THE COSTUME ***
    Have 2 different costumes, one with Sword Attack and another with Magic Attack in slots.
    It's what I do. Base attack is your best friend. OR Use a costume that increases stats all around so you won't need to swap.
    Costume Epic Converter should be Base Attack > Evasion > Defense.

    Bosses where Magic stance won't work at all:
    Any bosses that debuffs your Attack / M.Attack tremendously. example: Kanaph of Eternity (ECA)
    1st Ratzel in IC2 Radiant Hall (1st boss) - will get glued to you
    Captain Turgust in Forbidden Island - will get glued / high def
    Distichious Mongrel in Forgotten Ruin - will get glued
    will keep list updated...
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