reetings, players of CABAL Online!

We would like to inform our users about the risks associated with the use of illegal game services.
An illegal game service is a service provided by a company or individual in exchange for real money. These services are strictly against our terms of service, and anyone involved in transactions with these unauthorized vendors are in danger of having their account compromised or blocked.

The following list contains common illegal services offered by these companies and individuals:

Alz Purchasing
Power Leveling
Account Purchasing
Character Purchasing
Item Purchasing

We would like to remind you that utilizing any of these services is a violation of our terms of service, and accounts involved in transactions with these services will be blocked.

The majority of items, characters, accounts, and Alz being offered by these companies and individuals has been stolen from other users or obtained with the aid of illegal third party programs. Never share your account information with anyone else. Many companies and individuals advertising services that require account access are scamming their customers. The easiest way to prevent your account from being compromised is to avoid these services at all cost.

Protecting our players from hazardous services is an important priority for us. We do our best to take every possible action to ensure the security of our users.

Thank you, and enjoy your time in CABAL Online!

The CABAL Team