With the increasing number of players submitting Trade Dispute Tickets. We would like to remind our players to be very careful when attempting to trade with another player.

While we have a hands-off policy when it comes to player-to-player trade disputes, on special situations we do assist our players.

For player-to-player trade disputes that require our Support Staffs' assistance, we require some information before we can assist you.

Required Information:
1. Agree with our Limited Restoration Terms:
2. Exact Time and Date when the issue occurred.
3. A screenshot of the trade agreement.
4. Detailed Explanation of how the issue occurred:

Sample of Trade Agreement:

Ballade: WTS Black Bard Costume
Kato: I'll buy it for 500K Alz
Ballade: K! Meet me at BI CH5

Tickets submitted without the screenshot of the trade agreement will be not be accepted due to lack of evidence.