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Thread: Code of Conduct

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    Code of Conduct

    Welcome to PlayThisGame CABAL Online Community Forums. Our Community Forums provide our players with a friendly environment where you are able to discuss game play, ideas, theory crafting advices, and other aspects of CABAL Online with other players. Community Forums thrives when members treat each other with respect and courtesy.

    Your Access to PlayThisGame Community Forums is a privilege, and not a right. PlayThisGame reserves the right to suspend your access to our forums at any time for reasons that include, but are not limited to, your inability to follow our Code of Conduct.

    Below explains what behavior is expected from our community members. The Forum Moderators have full discretion to address any issue that they feel is a violation of our Code of Conduct. Each issue will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

    Malware and Illegal Software
    • Links to cheats, hacks, programs, and/or viruses

    • Any non-beneficial, non-PlayThisGame related businesses, organizations, or websites.

    GM Impersonation
    • Impersonating an PlayThisGame Staff

    Racially Derogatory Comments
    • Clear or masked comments that promotes racial hatred.
    • Use of racial slur.
    • Use of symbol or images of racial hatred.

    Sexual Orientation
    • Use of degrading language pertaining another member’s sexual orientation.

    Extreme Violence and Sexuality
    • ography
    • Violent sexual acts
    • Violent real life actions

    Xenophobic Comments
    • Promote hatreds towards other cultures and nationalities.
    • Use of national slurs.
    • Use of symbols or images that promotes hatreds towards other cultures and nationalities.

    Illegal Drugs and Activities
    • References to use or abuse of illegal drugs.
    • References to performing illegal activities.

    Harassing or Defamatory
    • Ongoing harassment of community members and PlayThisGame Staff.
    • Insults directed towards community members and PlayThisGame Staff.

    • Excessive use of the same phrase.
    • Excessive posting of the same topic.

    Flaming and Trolling
    • Creating threads to cause issues on the forums.
    • Creating off topic posts that ruin the thread.
    • Insulting other members.
    • Making non-constructive posts.

    Theophobiac Comments
    • Negatively portray religions or religious figures.

    Inappropriate Language
    • Profane words.
    • Offensive words.

    Inappropriate Images
    • Profane or offensive images
    • Profane or offensive signature images.
    • Profane or offensive avatar images.

    Infraction System

    While posting on PlayThisGame Community Forums, community members will encounter other members who share different experiences. While certain words, languages, images and such may not be offensive to you, consider the fact that these may have a different effect on others. We do our best to create a friendly, respectful, and courteous environment; we hope you can help in keep it that way.
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    Very Nice @Iluvia.

    Rules to make the game better and better xD

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