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Thread: CABAL Bingo Guide

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    CABAL Bingo Guide

    We’ve put together a guide to help you through your Bingo journey! Bingo is scheduled to begin August 2nd!


    Visit Yul in Green Despair and select BINGO! You will then see each task and upon clicking on any of them, a popup will display the prize that you can collect for completing the task. Once you complete your task, head back to the Bingo board to collect your reward!

    You can collect rewards for each individual tasks, for completing lines across the board, AND for completing the whole board!
    You’ll know a task is ready to be turned into a reward when it’s flashing purple! Once you receive the reward for a task, it will be stamped with ‘COMPLETE.’

    You also have the option to mark any task as complete by using 500 Force Gems and immediately receiving your reward in your inventory. Each player may refresh the entire board to attempt the tasks again by using 100 Force Gems (the board can only be refreshed a total of 100 times).

    - The binding status of the rewards vary. We invite you to check them during the event from August 2nd - September 5th.

    And finally, there is only one bingo board titled No. 1 ('Next Bingo Board' will NOT load a different board).

    Questions, comments, concerns?
    Ask them in this thread, and we’ll answer them for you!
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