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Thread: Lake in The Dusk & 3rd Apocalypse Card.

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    Lake in The Dusk & 3rd Apocalypse Card.

    Ok,I'm 68 years old and have tried doing LID twice and failed.I cannot get the 3rd apocalypse card,but I wanna continue playing Cabal as I love the game.Please let me know what I can do?

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    Shadow Titanium
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    what lol... I'm so confused. What does your age have to do with anything Do you mean lvl 68?

    Ask somebody to help you. Press P to register a party and ask for help, someone will come.

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    No,I mean I'm 68 years old.Actually my level is in the 80's,I think,I'm in the Undead ground and just got the quest to get the 3rd apocalypse card.:>)

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