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Thread: Lost item

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    Lost item

    Guys, i don't know if this forum even active anymore but I will post my question here anyways not that I think it would resolve anything.

    So I was AFK for a few hours the other day and came back just to found that one of my item had been missing. I was still logged in at the time so I submitted a ticket which was then asked by GM Dew to provide further info such as item name, date, ... you know the template. So I followed the instruction and submitted the required info which was then answered by d head Snakebyte in Turkish according to google translate and yet my ticket was written in English maybe a few grammar errors here and there but i reckon it's understandable. He answered my ticket asking me to post on forum for help.

    I don't understand how you guys can help me with the fact that my item was missing but any tickets I submitted had been answered with a template saying that they're duplicates and they wouldn't even bother reading my ticket asking why Snakebyte responded in Turkish.

    This was d head Snakebyte response after I submitted the required infomation:
    "Answered by Completed On : 02/19/2018 12:20:11


    Oyun ile ilgili olarak diger oyunculardan tavsiye ve ipucu almanizi tavsiye ederiz. Bunun için lütfen forumumuzu ziyaret ediniz:

    Yardimci ve bilgili bir topluluk olusmasi, CABAL Online Destek ekibi için önemli bir konudur. Forumlarimiz, bu tür konularin, tartisilabilinecegi, ve inanilmaz derecede farkli CABAL Online'nin yönlerini ögrenebileceginiz en iyi ortamdir.

    Tesekkürler ve iyi eglenceler!

    GM SnakeByte"

    Powerless Nevarethian

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    And the ticket after this Turkish one was escalated and it took them 2 wks to answered me that Snakebyte resolved the problem so they won't do anything more and all the other tickets were just replied with word by word answers saying my tickets were duplicates

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    Yep, thats support system on cabal. They don't exactly help with anything.

    How is the community suppose to help you get your items back? GM are trolling you.

    "GM SnakeByte

    Powerless Nevarethian"

    hahaha so fk'd up.

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