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Thread: Pro Tip about the new Scam of people asking for yoru items! DONT GET SCAMMED / FOOLED

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    Exclamation Pro Tip about the new Scam of people asking for yoru items! DONT GET SCAMMED / FOOLED

    Whuts up Cabal!!

    I'm not sure if what i'm about to tell you has happened to you before, but there is a new SCAM in cabal and I would like to explain more about this SCAM for the community's well-being!

    The scam goes like this, A person logs into a game, any game online(in this case we will be talking about CABAL), goes through the game and finds out the names of different guilds.
    Once he has a list full of guild names, he begins to go through each
    1)Until he finds the Guild Master's name!

    2)He then makes a character of the same name as a guild master and puts an i in front of his name, hoping you have a different font and might not recognize that it has an i in front of his name."

    3)He then will ask you to open your gear, so he can take a look and help you upgrade to a better item.

    Side note::::The scam or "CON" is pretty good, because it gets you believing that your guild master has come to you and wants to help you gear up.)

    (And everyone would love that, its just shy of a pipe dream, but it will entice you and make you want to believe it.)

    4)He will then ask you for an item that you have, tells you he has safe guards or something and will plus it up for you for free.

    And now you have just given someone your very valuable item.


    Remember everyone, as much as we would love to have our guild masters come and dress us out with super awesome gear, it's just not reasonable.
    Our Guild Masters help us with dungeon runs and run with you to get money! Not just give you a hand out all of the time. BIG HIGH FIVE to all the Guild Masters out there!

    The FB they warned you about!
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