Early morning on February 14th 2020, I was able to log in but then several hours later around noon the ID has been blocked.
I have submitted a ticket and GM Tank replied and verified that my account has been blocked for selling or attempting to sell alz, items and/or characters for real-world currency.

During all my years playing, I have NEVER EVER done any of that besides selling items in auction house or via personal shop. Who doesn't? Every player sells items using these 2 methods.

There is for sure a misunderstanding somewhere someway. Something has triggered this.
All I did on that day was a dungeon EOD B2F rank up battle style level 120, a ruina station dungeon, chat with some guild mates, skilled on training dummy.
I was interested unlocking my 7th and 8th slot characters using ecoins but now this happens.

Sending another ticket will result as a duplicated ticket and will be closed.

I ask please to GM Tank or any other GM to investigate again and hopefully unblock my account please. I am sure there is some kind of incident.
I can provide any further detail or information here or via private message contact.

Please help.
Thank you.