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Thread: Can Someone Spell Out the Necessities for a Force Blader?

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    Question Can Someone Spell Out the Necessities for a Force Blader?

    I have come to terms that a Force Blader sounds like a fun class to play.
    Could some one tell me a build and what skills to level up?
    For example, if any of the beginner skills are worth leveling, and shat skills are worth learning? Start from the very beginning, to about regular or expert ^^
    I'm still new to cabal (3 weeks in) So I'm basically asking for a guide plz


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    lol well I know there's a full blown guide hiding somewhere deep in these forums lol......but as far as the skills go, when you hit trans you'll be able to buy em all, buffs and attack skills. the important ones to keep if you're gonna stay Expert or A. Expert though (don't see why, but alrighty) is without a doubt, Infernal Stigma (lvl 9 or 18, your choice really), Force Drive (probably your second heaviest damage dealing skill at that point), Force Slash, Force Break, and if you're a fan of it, Force Kick. and of course all your buffs. anything beyond there is really preference. ANY AND ALL DEBUFFS YOU CAN GET, BUY! lol as far as skills go, there's the breakdown....as far as builds go, you're very predetermined until about lvl 60, so you'll have to break into the Master rank before you can actually do anything as far as customizable build, seeing as how they keep all your stats within 1 or 2 pts of each other the whole way til then. FB really is a fun class, but it only gets better as you level up and rank up. Don't stay a low level with it or you more than likely wont see as much of the enjoyable aspects as the 100+ guys find.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrifterX View Post
    i remember that site, tho its way outdated now, but the basic stuff is still good.

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