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Thread: Bugs on Story Line Quest After Update / ALso some in the Normal QUest.

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    Angry Bugs on Story Line Quest After Update / ALso some in the Normal QUest.

    After the Recent Update - THe Third Awakening , some quest in the story line , i am stuck at because either i can;t complete it, or The quest Item can't be Pressed or Clicked or even Talk to , Nothing, just shows it THere , For no Reason , always at the last Dialogue, the chat window closes , and i dont receive Exp/Item/GP nothing, quest is Just Showing *Questname*(Complete), and im pretty sure i am not the only Person having Problems with the Quests. & also in other Thoughs The Map Codes, my brother having trouble receiveing the map code of Port Lux , because he was alrdy lvl 50+ when the update kicked in , and finds no way to get the Map Code. Please Fix This


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    I have error the same. I did all of Quest, but I don't have the map code of Port Lux. Please, checking it again. Thank you.

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    i have the same error as hacmiunhan no port lux map code

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    yes Quest lv 65 bugged story and normal

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    still not fix ?

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    no not yet fix probably today it will be fixed after M/A
    it wont let me to talk Reph
    someone send them a ticket and link them this this thread im pretty sure they dont check forum often

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